Image guidelines

For the best shot of your newborn, try and adhere to the following guidelines:

  • A close up shot of your babies face is best – their little face needs to be clearly seen
  • Try and choose a photo of your baby by themself, no other people trying to steal the spotlight!
  • No genitals are to be shown (your newborn could be very upset when they are a teenager!)
  • Please avoid feeding photos, we want to see your baby’s beautiful face
  • Your newborn should not be depicted in an inappropriate manner or a dangerous situation
  • Multiple births, i.e. twins/triplets, need to be included in the same shot
  • A photo resolution of 800 by 600 pixels or greater is required (most digital cameras over 2 Megapixels on the highest setting should do the job!)
  • Try and work with the light and avoid overly dark images
  • Be mindful that the internet is a public domain
  • Keep in mind that we might crop the picture or zoom in on your newborn to capture their face

For mandatory photo requirements refer to the terms and conditions here.