Frequently asked questions

Introduce your Newborn Campaign – FAQs

Q. What does “Birth Announcement” refer to?
A. “Birth Announcement” for the purposes of this campaign refers to the periods of time for each set of submission and nomination periods. For example “Birth Announcement 2” will have associated submission and nomination periods and a final TV ad which showcases newborns from this aforementioned period.

Q. What does “introduction” refer to?
A. An “Introduction” is for the purposes of this campaign the newborn entry or birth announcement you are sharing. This term may be used to describe the process of submitting or the final birth notice visible on the website.

Q. What does “nomination” refer to?
A. You can nominate newborns in the photo galleries using the Facebook Like button. The 8 photos with the most nominations at the end of the nomination period will be clearly featured in the associated period’s TV ad.

Q. Do I have to be a member of the Huggies Baby Club to submit an introduction?
A. Yes, this is a special opportunity available only to our Huggies Baby Club members who are residents of New Zealand. Join now if you are not already a member.

Q. I am having trouble making a submission for my newborn’s introduction?
A. Please ensure you follow the steps outlined here . If you are still have difficulty, feel free to please contact us at Huggies so we can assist you.

Q. How many times can I submit my newborn?
A. Each newborn is able to be entered only once throughout the duration of the campaign.

Q. Do I have to submit a photo?
A. No, you have the option of submitting your newborns name without a photo. This will not however be eligible to be included in a TV ad.

Q. What if I forget to submit a photo or accidentally spell my newborns name incorrectly, can I adjust this?
A. You will need to contact us as soon as you realise. We will do our best to update your introduction but please bear in mind that this may not be possible if it has already been noted as being successful for inclusion in the TV ad.

Q. Can I have more than one child in my photograph?
A. Yes, as long as they are both newborns and siblings ie Twins.

Q. Can I use a photo that is taken by a friend or family member?
A. The photograph must be your sole work. If you had any assistance in taking the photo, you must obtain full authorisation from anyone that assisted you for use of the photograph for all purposes of this Campaign.

Q. Can I use a photo that was professionally photographed?
A. No

Q. Will my photo be displayed precisely as it is submitted?
A. Your image may be cropped or zoomed in on so that the focus is on the face of newborn.

Q. When can I submit an introduction?
A. From the 7th March until the 23rd of June 2011 there will be one of the “Birth Announcement” periods open. See the terms and conditions for more detail

Q. I have submitted an introduction but my baby’s photo is not in the gallery yet?
A. All “Introductions” that are submitted to a specific “Birth Announcement” period will be posted in the specific gallery all at once when the nomination period is due to open (after the submission period is closed for each “Birth Announcement” period).

Q. When will the ad be on TV?
A. Each TV ad will premier during the first ad break of Shortland Street the Wednesday directly following the close of that particular “Birth Announcements” nomination period. These TV ads will air from 6th April 2011 until the 6th July 2011.

Q. Why is the submission period and nomination period separate for each “Introduction”?
A. This is to ensure everyone has a fair chance of being nominated to be on TV. To ensure all those who submitted their newborn’s photo by the end of the submission period have the same opportunity to gather “Likes” as those who submitted at the start of the submission period.

Q. How will I know when nominations are open?
A. All valid submissions will receive an email notification when the nominations open. This will include information on how to forward the notification to help gather support from your friends and family. Alternatively you can check the timing schedule on the campaign pages.

Q. How do I make a nomination?
A. Making a nomination is simple. You do need to be logged into Facebook. Follow these easy instructions.
Make a nomination by clicking on the “Like” button on this individual viewing page once the nomination period is open. Nominations can be made by “Liking” more than one newborn photo, however each photo can only be “Liked” once by each Facebook member. Clicking the “Like” button again will remove your nomination and be deducted from that photo’s nomination tally. Only the “Likes” which remain at the end of the nomination period will be counted for each newborn.

Q. Who can make a nomination?
A. Any member of the public can make a nomination provided they have a Facebook account. Facebook is free to join, click here to become a member.

Q. How many newborns will be shown on TV?
A. Every week from the 6th April to the 6th July there will be 8 newborns, with the highest nominations from the public, clearly featured in the TV ad for that “Birth Announcement Period”.

Q. Why are there only 8 spaces for Nominated baby photos in each TVC?
A. We have tried to feature as many photos of the submitted newborns as we possibly can, in fact each TV ad includes 112 submitted photos. However, we can only guarantee that 8 of the nominated photos for that “Birth Announcement” period will be featured clearly in each TV ad.

Q. Can I nominate my own newborn introduction?
A. Yes.

Q. When submitting I am told my baby is too old to participate.
A. For the purposes of this campaign, only babies that are 10 weeks old or younger at the time of submission are classified as newborns.

Q. Can a person nominate more than once for the same newborn?
A. No. Nominations are limited to one Facebook account per person nominating.

Q. I am not a member of Facebook can I still submit an “introduction”?
A. Yes, however you can only submit an introduction for your newborn if you are a Huggies Baby Club member. You can, however, only participate in nominations if you are a Facebook member. Click here to become a Facebook member .

Q. What happens if I don’t have a large network of friends and family to support me with nominations.
A. Your newborn’s introduction will be displayed on the Huggies site for you to view and share.

Q. How do I know if my newborn will be on TV?
A. You will receive an email notification after nominations have closed directing you to the relevant “Birth Announcement” gallery. If your baby’s photo features a TV icon, this indicates that your baby’s photo is one of eight that will be clearly featured in the TV ad for that Birth Announcement period. If there is no TV Icon on your baby’s photo, there is still a chance that the photo may be included in the TV ad.

Q. When entering my submission times out.
A. Dial-up internet connections may not be suitable for large submissions.

Q. I’m having trouble entering the promotion.
A. Please contact us at Huggies so we can help you, or call 0800 733 703.