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Avatar Kritt...
Is it to dangerous to have another c-section?

Hi, i have had 4 children all delivered by c-section! I was told by the surgeon that she highly recommends i do not have any more because it was becoming more difficult to cut the damaged tissue! I healed fine with my last bub almost 2 yrs ago and have had no complications with any of my pregnancies or any after the birth! What are the risks of me having a 5th c-section, i have my heart set on just one more baby!

Answer: Hi, THe more caesareans you have the higher the risk of complications. IT is best that oyu talk to your doctor about this as they have access to you ful medical history so can advise apporpriately. You can get a second opinion form another doctor if you wish you just need a referral from your GP. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 05 May 2011