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Avatar Schum...
are midwifes able to organise ellective c sections??

i am pregnant again and wanting a elective as our son got stuck for 9 hours (pushing) and we almost lost him in the end, i no longer have alot of trust in midwives and we have applied through ministry but we were denied, i am wanting to know if you could help to advise us weather what we have been told is correct or not " that midwives are able to organise elective c section's as i dont want to put another baby though what our son was put through"

Answer: Hi, I am sorry but you need to enquire through your local health service. Every service is different with differing rules. You may also want to consult an obstetrician for an opinion on what happened with your first birth and if you are at risk of problems again. Best wishes, Alex.
Answered: 17 Aug 2011