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Avatar Emma-823
Caesarean option

It has been 7 years since the birth of my first child. I am now pregnant again. My first labour was 24 hours long, vacuum used, baby down the wrong side and induced after 20 hours of intense labour with no epidural. I am very worried about having to go through this again. Do you think this maybe enough to elect a caesarean?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, I'm not sure, the only people who can answer your question are your maternity care providers; your midwife and/or obstetrician. Speak with them about your concerns, it's certainly possible to have a repeat caesarean section delivery but this often depends on where a mother is going for her maternity care. Obviously, every pregnancy and baby are different and just because you had such a difficult time with your 7 yo is not an indicator that it will be the same with this baby. Best Jane
Answered: 24 May 2014