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Avatar Kimch...
wanting vbac for baby #2

after uterine tear during emergency c section 6 years ago. labour stalled and all up my labour was 18 hours, im being told its too dangerous to vbac because of the uterine tear, even though i know my body is alot stronger and im not under any stress this time. what are your thoughts on this? thanks

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Sorry for the delay in responding to your email. I can only offer you general advice on the limited information that I have. But if you are being advised that a VBAC is not ideal in your situation then I suggest you follow the advice of your maternity care providers. A uterine tear is not related to emotional stress; it's due to muscle fibres breaking and tearing and constitutes an emergency response. You may feel stronger but your body is 6 years older and any muscle, including the uterus, which has been cut and torn will always be weaker than one which has remained intact. The torn fibres will be points of relative weakness. You need to think very carefully about what is right for you and most importantly, your baby. I strongly suggest that you follow the advice of your maternity team. Best Jane
Answered: 21 Aug 2014