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Toddlers present during birth

We may be in a situation where we don't have a carer for our toddler when I go into labour, we may have to have to him present at birth. Just wondering if anyone else has had their toddler present. What are the pros and cons and what should we look out for or do to help prepare our 2yr old

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, The general advice from healthcare professionals and maternity care providers is to have a responsible adult on hand to care for toddlers and dependent children. If something goes wrong, he needs attention or any other factors arise, then you won't be worried about who is caring for him. Your focus needs to be on your labour and new baby. At two he is too little to understand your potential distress and pain and if he sees you uncomfortable he's too immature to understand why. Your partner will want to be with you and supporting you and even if you have the perfect labour and birth, your two year old is still going to need some attention at some stage. Unless he's asleep but you can't guarantee this. You may just need to think imaginatively about organising alternative care or having people on standby to call. Most people are reasonable and understand a situation like this and can be flexible if needed. Best Jane
Answered: 31 Jul 2014