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Avatar TB635...
Hoping for a natural birth.

Baby number 5 :)
Hi! We've just started TTC bub number 5, and I'm wondering if a natural birth will be an option for me? My previous births have been
July 2006 - ceasar for face presentation
Feb 2008 - vbac natural, drug & intervention free
Oct 2010 - 2vbac drug free, ventouse delivery
March 2013 - ceasar due to breech presentation.
The first 3, labour was spontaneous, and average length of time. My pregnancies are generally trouble free and straight forward. If you can please let me know if you think a natural birth would be an option, that would be fantastic. TIA!

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, The best person to ask this question is your maternity care provider. They will have all of your obstetric history to review and importantly, the progress of this pregnancy. The more caesars the greater the likelihood of needing another one and as you have had so many pregnancies and births then you are at an increased risk of complications which also need to be factored into any decision making. If this baby is in a head first position then you may be considered for a "trial" of VBAC but again, this depends on where you are planning to have your baby and the gestational age when you go into labour. This is all just general advice as you'd appreciate. I suggest you are guided by your maternity care provider. Best Jane
Answered: 20 Sep 2014