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Avatar Gem_Lowe
Staying in hospital post birth.

I really don't want to stay in hospital or be moved to a birthing unit if I have too. Obviously if anything goes wrong or changes then that's fine but as long as everything goes normally and everything is OK post birth would there be an issue with going home early?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Generally not but be aware that most/every maternity hospital has a policy on length of stay following birth and depending on the type of birth, if there were interventions or complications and the condition of the mother and her baby, will determine the length of time needed for post natal observations. This is to safeguard against any problems for the mother with post partum haemorrhage and for the baby, breathing difficulties. Speak with your maternity care provider about what's important for you but bear in mind that they have a professional obligation to provide you with best practice and evidence based care. There's also real benefits in gaining education and support around breastfeeding and new baby care so don't overlook this as well. Best Jane
Answered: 23 Nov 2014