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Avatar Croattoa
Frustrated - possible hormone imbalance

Since the birth of my first child i have been experiencing red facial changes, constant dizziness. During my pregnancy im healthy, no problems. But after my second birth conditions got worse, dizziness almost debilitating, hair loss ridiculous. All doctors have proven me to be 100% healthy. I take no medications. Was on mini pill after 2nd birth, could not control bleeding, started taking full pill, my conditions amplified.
Have you heard of hormone problems like this before and are there any fixers???!!!

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, It would be useful for you to have a referral to a specialist. Perhaps an endocrinologist who specialises in hormonal imbalances. There are all sorts of reasons for the symptoms you're describing; inner ear imbalance can cause vertigo but so can anaemia. Hair loss is common in women 3-6 months after pregnancy and can be very normal. But if it's excessive it can sometimes be due to thyroid imbalance. You're obviously concerned and this in itself warrants a second or even third medical opinion and assessment. Best, Jane
Answered: 14 Mar 2016