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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Learning Liner?

Huggies® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants have a unique Learning Liner to help children to feel the difference between wet and dry. This unique layer inside the training pant slows the absorption of liquid without leaking and stays wet for a few of minutes before drying, which enables the child to feel the difference between wet and dry.

Q: How long will my child feel wet for?

The Learning Liner has been designed to remain wet for a few minutes, and our research has shown that this gives the toddler enough time to register the feeling/sensation of wetness.

Q: What Disney designs are on the Pull-Ups training pants?

For Girls there are popular Disney Princess designs including Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and others.

For Boys there are fun, colourful Disney Cars & Toy Story designs with blue side panels.

Q: How do I get a FREE sample?

You can request a free sample here.

Q: What are the size ranges?

Huggies® Pull-Ups® Toilet Training Pants are available in Early Stage Trainers (14-18kg) and Trainers (16kg+) sizes for Boys and Girls.

Q: How and when should I start toilet training?

When you start toilet training is entirely up to your child. They have to be aware that they are wetting their pants before you can start teaching them that they should be doing this in a potty or toilet. Just look for signs of readiness – these could appear some time between 18 months and 2+ years.

Q: What if my child trains for wee but will not poo in the potty?

This is a common problem. Toddlers often feel that they’re losing a part of themselves in the potty, and it takes a while for them to discover that their poo’s aren’t really ‘them’. Forcing the issue will make matters worse, so just tell your child not to worry. You know they really want to act like a Big Kid, and they’ll be performing like a Big Kid soon. In the meantime, put the poo’s from their pants into the toilet. Some doctors and paediatricians suggest lining the potty with a Pull-Ups Toilet Training Pant and letting the child go on that.

Q: What if my child is in day care?

Some day care centres or care providers will follow your routine for toilet training. If the centre insists on using its own method, and it’s the only centre you can go to, then it’s probably best that you learn their method and use it at home. Just remember, punishment does not work; encouragement does. As for pre-schools that insist your child be trained by a certain age – if your child is trained by that age, congratulations. If they’re not, it’s no great tragedy. Just wait a while longer. Wanting to go to day care or school might be just the motivation your child needs.

Q: What if children get too retentive and become constipated during training?

You can help keep this from happening if you watch your child’s diet. Make sure he or she gets plenty of juice, fruits and cereal, or other bulk producing foods. If a serious problem with constipation develops, see your doctor or paediatrician.

Q: How long should I expect toilet training to take?

In toilet training development there is great variation from child to child. Just work at a pace set by your child and don’t worry if there are a few setbacks along the way – be patient and continue to encourage your child. By the age of 2+ years many children will be able to handle their pants, use the potty and be dry most of the time. But there is no problem if this isn’t happening until they are a little older. And don’t worry, it will happen!

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