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Avatar Jess2...
Is one day of daycare doing more damage then good??

My 22 month old girl is attending daycare only once a week( that's all the centre could offer me). She is very attached to me and I put her in there for social interaction with other children. She is getting more upset everytime I drop her off and extra clingy when I pick her up( which is normally only 5 hours after). I've been told she needs to do two days to get any real benefit. True?? In which case will need to find somewhere else.

Jane ...
Answer: Your friends may be right, some kids do struggle with only one day and it causes them more emotional distress than pleasure. There's always a settling in period for all kids but if after a little while she's still upset and you're not seeing much benefit then it may be more beneficial for both of you to look for a centre which can accommodate her for two days. You are right about the social interaction benefits but at the moment I think she's trying to tell you something and so is your heart. Cheers Jane
Answered: 16 Feb 2014