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Avatar wendy...
Defiant 5 yr old boy.

My 5yr old boy really struggles to do anything his father tells him. Dad asks him to do something and its always no or just doesn't listen. His hearing is fine. Its driving my husband crazy. Is there any technique you can help with?

Jane ...
Answer: It may be worthwhile for you to investigate if there are any Tripe P courses being run in your local area. This is a good all round course which parents can attend, preferably together which supports parents through making informed and educated choices in how they respond to their child. It may also be worthwhile you talking with his kindy/prep teacher to see if they can make any suggestions and to see if there is anything untoward in his behaviour when he is in their care. Without knowing more about your situation or your family dynamics I'm sorry I can't offer you any more specific advice. I see you are mindful about his hearing so that's great, but just make sure that with all other aspects of his development including his sight, that he's doing what he should be doing for his age and stage. Best Jane
Answered: 02 Mar 2014