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Avatar Jcjli...
Don't know what to do about my 5 year olds night time toilet training??

Four months ago my five year old decided that he didn't want to wear nappies at night anymore, even though he was consistently wet every morning. So we went along with his decision and nothing has changed he just wets the bed instead of a nappy. So we don't know if he really is just not physically ready or if there is another solution? We have tried limiting his water in the evening, making him go to the toilet before bed, waking him up during the night to go toilet. Help I'm confused at this point and don't know what to do.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Just a few key points on overnight toilet training; there is a very strong genetic link between parental night dryness and when a child is physically mature enough to do the same, limiting fluids seems not to have very much of an effect but limiting chocolate and any caffeine does, rewarding and punishment does not have any significant effect but wetting actually occurs at a very deep phase of sleep when it is not under the child's conscious control. Alarms and medications are not generally recommended unless the child is still wetting by around the age of eight years or more and boys do tend to take longer than girls to wake up dry. It would be a retrograde step to place him back in nappies but you obviously need to do something to waterproof the bed. Have you tried taking him to the toilet before you go to bed yourselves and sit him on the toilet during the night and getting him to empty his bladder even when he's very sleepy? For some kids, boys especially it can take until the lower years of primary school for them to develop overnight dryness. Check the Huggies site for more comprehensive information as well as this link for general information: http://www.pmh.health.wa.gov.au/health/enuresis/ Best Jane
Answered: 30 Mar 2014