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Avatar Aboom...
Crying with other people

Iv got a 4month old boy. He is a very happy boy and has always loved cuddles from other people. Just in the last few weeks he doesn't want anybody to hold him apart from me or my hubby. He doesn't even like his grandparents holding him even though he sees them 3x a week. He crys and gets himself so worked up. Is this a phase he is going through? Will it ware off or is there anything we can do to make him feel happy being held by family.

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, This is very, very normal and age appropriate. He's doing it a little early though, generally at around 7 months of age the developmental stage of "stranger danger" emerges. When he cries and fusses with others it's just his way of telling you that he's emotionally connected to you and loves you and sees you as the source of his security. In many ways this is a sign of what a good job you've done in parenting him. Try not to quarantine yourself from other people and continue to expose him to other people and family members. With time and maturity he will become more accepting and curious. Give him lots of cuddles and love and time. He will be little for such a short time and this stage and age will pass. Best Jane
Answered: 10 Aug 2014