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Avatar Nehap...
Reading to baby

Hi my baby is 3 months old now as suggested on emails I want to start reading to my child ... I did go to the book shop but couldn't figure out which books to buy
Could you please suggest me some books... Thanks

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, Good on you to be motivated to read to your little one. To be honest, it doesn't really matter what books you read to your baby. At this age and stage they won't understand the words but will pick up on your tone of voice and will see the pictures. Don't expect too much sustained concentration from them. A couple of minutes will probably be enough. Go to the library and borrow some board books, children's books with bright primary colours and very simple storylines. And you'll be able to buy second hand books as well from charity shops/fetes/fairs etc for very reasonable prices. If you read to your baby every day and sing songs, say rhymes and have fun and generally talk to them in a conversational tone constantly, then their speech and language development can only benefit. And check with your library and local council because they often have reading sessions and free books to give away. Best Jane
Answered: 07 Jul 2015