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Avatar Ggarc...
2 year old with severe infection?

I took my 2 year old to the park and she came back with what looked like a mosquito bite. I disinfected it with alcohol. She complained about it but I thought it would heal on its own.However a few days ago I noticed there was a big bump where the mosquito had bitten her.I continued to disinfect the bite.This morning she woke up with what appears like a bruise.Her foot is swollen around the bite and a blue and purple color has spread all around her foot. She seems to be experiencing some discomfort. What should I do? Could this be from something other than a mosquito?

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You need to take your toddler to a doctor to have her food examined. It could be an infection or there is another reason for the swelling and bruising. At two her explanations of what she's experiencing are likely to be limited by her vocabulary and understanding. Perhaps she needs some antibiotics or cream to address any underlying infection. Without seeing it first hand I'm afraid I can't offer you any more specific advice. Best to have her seen by a medical professional. Best Jane
Answered: 20 Jul 2015