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Avatar Arbrears
Dealing with low immunity

My daughter seems to have an exceptionally low immunity that is causing concern. I have her enrolled in kindergarten so as to be with kids her own age and only 2.5 days a week yet every time she attends we seem to pick up any bug going. there is now of course pressure from the centre for attendance but of most concern to me is we have a prem baby just joined our family and who would not benefit of course from extended exposure to illness on such a regular basis. Ive sought help everywhere I can think - DR, Naturopath, Teachers ... spent a fortune on supplements and attempts to get her well ... what should I do - persevere to try and strengthen immunity by exposure, hibernate especially over winter to avoid more drama ...Im at the end of my patience with it all. Its actually inhibiting what we are able to do as a family as I am trying to be a responsible Mum and limit exposure to others also. any advice gratefully received

Jane ...
Answer: Hi, You raise an interesting question-does continued exposure actually help her immune system to mature and make her less likely to become unwell or do you need to quarantine her in the first place and reduce the chances of her becoming unwell. That's a difficult situation to be in. Mostly toddlers get viruses and once they recover from an acute viral infection they're immune to it. But the issue is that there are thousands of individual viruses which are unique and it can take years for very young children to get to the stage where they're not frequently unwell. Have you had her seen by a paediatrician? That could be useful in terms of knowing you're doing everything you can to support her staying well. The other tip is to be very thorough about hand washing and teaching her to do this-as well as drying her hands carefully. Using tissues once and encouraging her not to put her hands/fingers near her face and her eyes. I so get this will be challenging but it may help. The research is clear that avoiding face/eyes with unwashed hands is the big support in avoiding illness. It just may be that with time and maturity she'll evolve out of being so susceptible. Some kids just are more prone and until they are older they do seem to get every illness which is circulating. Whether you expose her or keep her at home is entirely up to you but I think you need to use your own judgement about where you go and how you manage it. Best Jane
Answered: 25 Apr 2016